Mooove over “Duck, Duck, Goose…”

…At Sunderland Dairy, it’s Cow, Cow, Turkey!

The Sunderlands

Welcome to Chester, UT

Sunderland Dairy is owned by Scott and Edwin Sunderland, and future-owner, Chad Sunderland, is currently the farm’s operational manager. The Sunderland’a have a comprehensive operation at their Chester, UT location. Having moved from Lehi, UT in the earl 80’s to escape urban sprawl and find a more rural area to farm, operate their dairy, and raise their children, the family not only raises and milks dairy cattle, but the family also raise bull calves and farm 1400 acres. Due to the chilly temperatures in the Chester area, the Sunderlands don’t raise corn. Instead they have found success growing wheat, barley and alfalfa, which serve as great forage crops for their animals. Recycling is an important part of farming, and the Sunderlands have a methane digester on their farm which converts manure-generated methane gas into electricity. This electricity is used to power the farm, and excess power is sold back to the power company as available energy for the grid.

In addition to all of that, the Sunderlands also raise turkeys! Sold year-round, raising turkeys keeps life on the farm quite interesting, and Chad says that compared to cows, taking care of turkeys is a snap.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Sunderlands and all of your Utah/Nevada Dairy Farmers!

Happy Turkey Day

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