2011 Food Day

On this, our country’s inaugural “Food Day,” we wanted to take some time to share stories, thoughts, and insights from your local dairy farmers.

  • Jason Bateman of Batemans Mosida Farms feels strongly that Dairy Farmers are “true environmentalists.” Dependent upon the land and animals for his livelihood, he understands personally what sustainability means. He and his family take recycling seriously and have built an extremely sophisticated dairy that recycles and reuses water, manure, sand, and energy. His dairy barn is even set up to trap the heat given off from the cows while they are being milked. This heat is captured and used to heat the barn in colder winter months in order to reduce the farm’s dependency on natural resources.

Farmers are true environmentalists” -Jason Bateman

  • With one exception, and that farm is owned by the LDS Church, ALL of Utah’s 240 dairy farms are family owned. All of Northern Nevada’s 19 Dairy Farms are family owned.

The Olsens have been farming in Nevada for over 100 years

  • Russell and Taunya Otten LOVE being dairy farmers. They are innovative, creative, full of energy and committed to educating the next generation about where food comes from. Russell calls dairying his “hobby.”

“If you can love what you do, then it’s a hobby!” -Russell Otten

The Ottens (including Hank the ‘pup’)

  • Paul and Bernadine Byl farm 1,500 acres in Paragonah, Utah. Their goal is to become self-sufficient by growing all of the feed for their dairy cows. As they work toward this goal, they source as much as they can from local growers. Originally from Holland, the Byl’s started with just a few cows on a farm in Texas. About their life as dairy farmers with growth, opportunity, and ambition they say,

“We are living the American Dream” -Bernadien Byl

Paul and Bernadien Byl

“Have you ever watched a baby animal be born or watched your crops spout and mature? It’s awesome!” – Hal Olsen

The Olsens

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