Little Hands on the Dairy

“Hello There!”

Perhaps you were at the Utah State Fair and experienced “Little Hands on the Farm?” It is an interactive display that takes kids on an agricultural tour, showing them what it takes for food to get from seed-to-farm-to-fork, from-grass-to-cow-to-glass, and from-grass-to-wool-to-clothes. It is a MUST SEE at state (and some county) fairs across the country. But, this fall Munk Dairy in Northern Utah took this one step further and hosted little hands on their dairy. In late September, local pre-schoolers stopped by the farm for a complete tour. From riding on tractors to petting calves, feeding calves, and a trip through the milk parlor, these young kids were able to learn first hand what life is like on a dairy farm. They even sat around the boardroom table making important decisions over cartons of milk.

Many young people grow up far from agriculture. Even for those who live in rural areas, if agriculture isn’t part of their lifestyle and livelihood, it often isn’t part of their experiential knowledge base. The Munks and their fellow dairy farmers are committed to educating family, friends, and neighbors about the origins of dairy products and sharing experiences of what it is like to live on a dairy farm.


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