Milkstan Dairy

Cows & The View at Milkstan Dairy

Tony and Kris Stanworth have always taken pride in the quality of their milk, and at their dairy in Delta, UT there is a wall filled with awards recognizing their commitment to providing consumers with the freshest, safest milk possible. Like many dairy farm families, the Stanworth’s have approached their life on the dairy as a lifestyle and an ideal setting in which to raise a family and teach the merits of hard work.

Quality Milk Awards – Milkstan Dairy

Farm Stats:

  • 130 Cows
  • Location: Delta, Utah (part of Millard County which is now home to more cows than Utah’s northernmost Cache County)
  • Feeding Times: 4AM, 7AM, 2PM, 6PM
  • Milking Times: 4AM, 4PM
  • Part of Utah Farms – “Utah Milk for Utah Families”

Farmer Stats:

Tony & Patches

  • Tony & Kris Stanworth met in college. They have 9 children & ‘almost’ 18 grandchildren
  • Tony is a 3rd generation resident of Delta, UT and Tony’s father built the current milking facility
  • In high school Tony was a wrestler and a guard on the All-State Football team
  • Kris grew up on a dairy in Coalville, UT and plays an integral role in running the the dairy
  • Kris at the 2011 Ice Cream Festival

    Patches, Kris & Tony’s Great Dane/Mastiff Mix is farm-dog extraordinaire

  • Kris and Tony are highly involved in the community, taking care of the upkeep of the local cemetery, and Tony serves as a regional representative on the Utah Dairy Commission Board.
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