Utah Milk on its way to Afghanistan

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Yesterday Gossner Foods Inc. honored servicemen and women at their annual employee picnic. In the midst of community celebration, good food, and fun, hundreds of Utah and Idaho dairy farmers and their families paused to reflect upon the service of all US Troops and specifically the members of dairy farm families who have committed to serve in our armed forces – military, police, and firefighting corps – to protect our country. It was quite fitting that at this wonderful celebration on the eve of the 10th anniversary of 9/11 that Gossner Foods announced that 1 million cartons of its Hershey’s shelf stable milk is on it’s way to fuel our troops in Afghanistan. The first shipment left the port of Los Angeles on August 17th to begin the 11,809 mile journey. With the help of Diversified foods, the cartons will be delivered in early December to supply our soldiers with essential vitamins and minerals as well as a familiar taste of home.

The Journey from Logan to Afghanistan

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