Tuleview Holsteins

Take a look around Utah and it isn’t hard to see how many dairy farms get their names, “Horizon, Mountain View, Lake View, River View, Triple Peaks…” So when the Hardys were looking for a name for their Registered Holstein Business, the obvious choices were already taken, and they had to get a little more creative. Jeff Hardy remembers looking out at the cattails in the pond west of his farm – his family always called them “Tules,” (Pronounced TOO-Lees) and thought, “No one is using the name ‘Tuleview’,” So right then, the TV brand was born. Standing in front of the Hardy Brothers farm in Brigham City, Utah, you look East to the beautiful northern edge of the Wasatch Mountain Range and West toward the waters just north of the Great Salt Lake – where you have an ideal view of the “Tules.”

Tuleview Dairy is owned and operated by 4 Hardy brothers and their Brother-in-Law and home to 2000 cows.

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    Kelton Hardy

    The dairy is operated by four Hardy brothers and one brother in law.

    September 21, 2014 at 8:52 pm

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