The Dent’s Athletes

John, Jill, Rhett, Macklee & Paizlee Dent on their farm

John Dent is passionate about his family, his farm, and his cows. As a 6th generation dairy farmer, he seems to possess an innate knowledge about dairying and his animals. He understands that each of his 110 dairy cows works hard everyday to produce quality milk, and John likens their work and their performance to the structured life of an elite athlete; he treats them as such. Just as an elite athlete needs optimal conditions (training, sleep, nutrition) to reach peak performance, he feels that in order achieve consistent milk quality while maintaining health and producing a reliable volume of milk each day, his cows need a low-stress, comfortable, and stable environment. To do this, John has created a structured daily routine for his herd so that each cow knows what to expect and when to expect it. Nutrition is also vital to the success and health of his ‘athletes,’ and John’s cows eat a carefully formulated, nutrient-rich daily ration, 80% of which John and his family grow on their 500-acre farm. The Dent’s approach to farming is evident in the way that they interact with the animals and operate the farm – with care, intelligence, compassion, and respect.

[slideshow] John and his family farm in Lewiston – a beautiful town of about 2,000 people in the Northern most part of Utah. With his parents next door, and growing helpers (John’s 11 year old son is a great help on the farm), the Dent’s are carrying on the family legacy.

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