The Girls of Rockhill

A delicious snack on the way to pasture

Ingrid, Heide, Elsie, Iggy, Gabby, and Eve live on a beautifully-restored historic farm in Northern Utah. Their lives consist of munching some of the freshest, leafiest, most nutritious alfalfa hay in the Cache Valley, roaming the farm’s 6 acres of pasture, and twice-per-day, heading in pairs to the milk parlor for a tailored session with Pete (see board – many of us may not even know our kids’ eating habits and preferences this well!)

Milking Notes

Rockhill Creamery’s 6 Brown Swiss Dairy Cows produce some of the finest cheese in Utah and it’s not hard to see why. Their stress-free lives are the result of Pete and Jennifer’s labor of love.

About 25-years ago, Pete Schropp embraced the laborious idea of caring for an old farm, and one board at a time started reworking and refinishing the farm’s buildings. Initially the farm’s primary barn served as a calf raising facility. Pete and Jennifer would raise calves for dairies throughout Utah, at one time housing and caring for 75 young cows. But the volatility of dairy farming in Utah was unable to provide for steady business. It was a visit to a California winery that ignited a thought, generated the vision, and inspired action. Jennifer remembers that the winery and its rustic tasting room were built on an old farmstead and she thought, “WE have a farm, what can we do?” At the time, Jennifer had been experimenting with making goat’s cheese, and the couple had a lot of experience raising calves, so the transition to creating a small, cheese-making micro dairy was feasible. They started with just one cow “to see if Pete could handle milking,” Jennifer recalls, and today their business model handles 6 cows beautifully.

Cheese is made semi-weekly using only the most authentic European cultures to deliver consistent taste and true varietal characteristics. For every 120 gallons of milk, Jennifer yields 7 wheels of cheese and 100 gallons of whey. Rockhill is committed to farming sustainably and protecting the local environment, so the nutrient-rich whey is sold to a dairy farmer down the road as feed for his baby calves. Currently 8 types of cheese are aged in Rockhill’s underground “cave” (Dark/Snow Canyon Edam, Wasatch Mountain Gruyere, Belvedere Tomme, Farmhouse Gouda, Zwitser, Boo Boo Baby Swiss, Peppercorn, and Desert Red Feta).

Cheese Aging Underground

You can enjoy Rockhill’s cheeses at restaurants throughout Utah and pick up your own at farmers’ markets, the farm, and some local grocery stores. The farm also ships their delicious cheese and sells to some markets in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, and Colorado. For a complete listing of restaurants and retailers, click here.

For more information about the “Girls” and the people (Pete and Jennifer) behind Rockhill, visit them online or take a trip to the farm – 563 S. State St. Richmond, UT

Old granary turned tasting room & shop

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