Caring for the Baby Ones

Farming in Central Utah, Taunya works with her family to run Barex Dairy. She absolutely loves caring for baby calves:

One of my favorite things about dairy farming is the baby calves.  On our farm, we have mostly Holstein cows–the black and white ones–but we have some of all six different breeds of dairy cattle and a few crossbred cows.  This means we get calves of all colors and sizes which is double the fun! Baby dairy calves are raised in their own little houses called hutches, until they are about 2 months old.  These individual hutches keep them safe and warm or shaded during the most critical first months of their life.  It also keeps them from spreading germs if one calf gets sick and if a calf gets sick, we can quickly and easily see it and help it get better fast.

This cute baby heifer (girl) is an Ayrshire.  She was one of 6 calves born on our farm that day.  She weighed about 85 pounds at birth and she could stand up and walk about 30 minutes after she was born.  Baby calves are licked dry by their mothers and this “licking massage” also stimulates their sucking instinct so that they will get up and drink their colostrum quickly after birth. Colostrum is a special milk produced by mammals that boosts a newborn’s immune system and gives them extra energy.

A baby boy calf is called a bull.  This baby Holstein bull weighed about 110 pounds at birth! Holsteins are the largest breed of dairy cattle.

This is a Jersey heifer.  She weighed about 75 pounds at birth.  Jerseys are the smallest breed of dairy cattle.  Some Jersey babies weigh only about 50 pounds at birth!  They are tiny but they have the sweetest faces and those big, brown eyes are irresistable!

Taunya farms with her family in Central Utah. She is passionate about farming, caring for the animals and providing the highest quality milk possible. 

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