Welcome to “The Cow Locale”

This blog resonates with the voices of your Utah and Nevada Dairy Farmers.

In an effort to connect YOU with your food, We want to show you why we farm, how we farm, and where we farm. We want you to meet our families, meet our cows, and get to know where your dairy foods come from.

Spring has finally arrived, June is Dairy Month and farming is in full swing! Stay tuned for frequent updates.

“I farm because its in my blood. I love working daily and being able to see results from that hard work…Nothing else I’d rather do everyday.”

-Trent, 4th Generation Dairy Farmer in Central Utah

Follow Trent on Twitter: @bowndairyman

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    Denise Stephan

    Hooray for dairy farmers! Of couse, Milk Is God’s Wonder Food! Milk On!!!

    June 6, 2011 at 9:50 am

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