breakfast egg casserole
breakfast egg casserole

Quick, Easy, Hawaiian Egg Casserole


June 22, 2015

Becky Low shares another family food tradition…this one from our own Jenn Harrison and her family. It’s quick, easy, and sure to please a crowd.

Summer in Utah means sleep-overs, sleep-outs, and sleep-ins. With our State and National holidays, we have lots of family reunions, class reunions and gatherings – and we hate to spend time away from the group to cook. And so we share this Hawaiian Egg Casserole, a 4th generation family tradition.


1 dozen hard-boiled eggs

2 Cups cooked, crumbled bacon or cooked sausage

2 cans cream of chicken soup

2 cans cream of potato soup

~1 1/3 Cups milk

Salt, pepper to taste

2 Cups shredded cheese - any kind you prefer

Ham slices - optional

Pineapple slices - optional

Sliced green onions - optional



Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. Lightly spray 9×13 pan, or 12, 1-cup ramekins. Line ramekins with 3-4 thin slices of optional ham.


Eggs and bacon should be cooked ahead; dice and place in mixing bowl. Add cream of chicken and cream of potato soups. Fill one soup can with milk and add to bowl. Gently stir ingredients to mix. Note – additional milk may be added if you prefer a thinner consistency. Place casserole in prepared 9×13 baking dish or individual 1-cup ramekins and cover with foil.


Bake until hot and bubbly: 50-60 minutes for 9×13 pan; 35-40 minutes for 1-cup ramekins. For a browned top, remove foil at least partway through baking time.


Garnish with optional sliced green onions; serve with pineapple slices. If casserole was baked in a 9×13 pan serve with a slice of ham.

What makes a fast recipe?

In my book, a fast recipe must meet these criteria:

  1. Familiar
  2. Favorite / comfort food
  3. Simple (few ingredients or little prep)
  4. make ahead – not essential, but a nice bonus!

For Jenn, these criteria are crucial. Unlike me, Jenn isn’t so fond of cooking.  If a recipe has too many ingredients or too many instructions, she tosses it. With her hectic lifestyle, she wants something simple and fast. This recipe does the trick and, it’s been a family staple for generations. Passed on from her grandmother, Dorothy Ecker to her mother, Sue North to she and her sisters, Jenn is almost ready to pass it on to her own daughters. It is one that will endure.

Jenn Sue Dorothy Kennadee

How Fast is it?

Perhaps the reason Jenn shared this recipe, the reason it is an enduring part of her culinary repertoire, is that it meets her criteria. Having had it since she can remember, Jenn is familiar with it, and she likes it. It also has very few ingredients and almost no prep-work – canned soups and pre-cooked bacon (from Costco).  Once you have hard boiled the eggs (which you can do in advance), the whole recipe goes together in just 5 minutes. Then pop in the oven and bake.


During the summer, not everyone gets up at the same time, or you may want a little special twist to it…this recipe can accommodate:

Avoid leftovers, by prepping the recipe in ramekins, then bake on demand and save the others. Uncooked casserole will keep in the refrigerator for 3-4 days.

Egg casseroles are typically breakfast fare, but this recipe is an easy, weeknight protein-packed dinner.

Pair with other things: Jenn’s family loves to serve this egg casserole with ham and pineapple.


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