Jack – The Unexpected Farm Dog

Holly and Jack

jack the farm dogDogs can be an important part of farm life. Whether they are out helping round up cows or just keeping their owners company, they are definitely farm buddies. There isn’t, of course, a “classic” breed of farm dog, but may people think of healers or other larger breeds. Trent and Holly Bown’s dog, Jack, is a 3-legged King Charles Cavaliere, and while Jack may not be your “typical” farm dog, he sure fits the role. Let’s meet him:

Jack and Ian

JackĀ is a sweet, mild-tempered dog who loves nothing more than to hang around the farm and get dirty. He is happy all the time and follows Holly and the kids around everywhere. In the car, Jack sits perched up on the armrest. If the kids are playing outside on the trampoline, Jack is laying under it, and whenever he can, he weasels his way into Holly’s arms for some R&R.

Holly and Jack

At 8-years old, Jack has been through quite a bit. He broke one of his rear legs, and when casting it, inserting a bolt, and removing a rib were all unsuccessful attempts to get it working again, he was quite content to get around with just 3. He is blind in one eye and doesn’t hear very well, but nothing stops this pup. He is out on the farm daily, happily pogo-ing along to keep up with the family.

jack under the trampoline

Happy National Dog Day!!

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