Recycling Waste to Reclaim the Land

In Duchesne, the oil industry is BIG BUSINESS. Drive through this section of Utah’s Uintah basin and you will see oil wells dotting the landscape. But the landscape isn’t completely barren and beholden to oil. After drilling a well, oil companies are obligated to reclaim the land – a practice designed to minimize the impact on local resources.

Now enter 4-C Dairy.

Chet Hansen – one of the 4C’s of 4C Dairy

Charlie, Cindy, Chet, and Curtis, the Dairy’s namesake “C’s” recently started a reclamation business to help oil companies meet these environmental standards. Since cattle manure provides excellent nutrient-rich soil for native plants to flourish, this new company is a winning proposition for the dairy-farm family. 4-C Reclamation, started this past spring, has not only generated jobs in rural Duchesne county, but provided an excellent way for the dairy to manage its waste. The company contracts with oil companies, and once initial well drilling is complete, spreads manure and sprays seed to restore the native landscape.

4-C Dairy

This dairy’s entrepreneurial spirit and their willingness to work across industries benefits the physical environment as well as the greater community of Duchesne/Bridgerland.


  • Connie Laws

    This company is a shame to our community. On May 10th 2012, one of their employees was welding very near a mobile home in Myton, Utah. It was a very windy day and there was tall dry weeds directly below where he was welding. The brush caught fire and very quickly spread to the home of Deborah Young. The employees did not try to notify anyone in the home that it had caught fire. Deborah, her son Jason and a friend were in the home at the time it caught fire. They scrambled to get out of their home. Jason ran outside and grabbed the garden hose and started spraying a path to where one of their 5 dogs was chained up. The 4-C employee ran to him demanding the hose. He told then to get away from him that he needed to save his dog before the already out of control fire killed her. Unfortunately he was not able to save her and and 3 other family dogs who did not make it out of the house. They didn’t have time to get any of their belongings out of the home. They didn’t even have time to put their shoes on before being driven out by the smoke and flames. Their home was a total loss. The owner of 4-C promised Ms. Young that they would take care of them. He promised they would get them a place to stay, food clothes and ammenities to help the get by until the insurance company had time to do their claim and get them money. He paid for one night in a motel room and nothing else. They had smokey black clothes no shoes and nothing else. Today her credit card has been maxed out and they are leaving the motel room with nowhere to go. A few friends has donated shoes and clothjes that do not fit them very well and food shampoo tooth brushes abd what else they have been able to come up with. I was present at the site of the fire and I heard these promises from Charles to Deb. He now is claiming that her son Jason, tampered with the hose and it is their fault the fire destroyed the home. Its disgusting she is almost 60 years old and has lost her dogs who were like her children. She has lost all her photos of her parents and siblings and husband who have passed away. She has lost her home her security and a safe place to lay her head at night. How dare this company place blame onto her for the serious neglect of his employee, who I believe was his son, who did not take any safety precautions welding in a dry field less than 50 feet from a home on a windy day. They need to be shut down.

    May 15, 2012 at 11:04 am
  • cal hughes

    Charles of 4-C, I wish your response was true. You showed deep regret and committed help to Deb the day of fire, then the following day threw the blame back at Jason and deferred to your insurance agent…offering no more assistance. I am Deb’s brother, with power of attorney in the matter, and sir, I will not let this pass! Cal Hughes

    May 31, 2012 at 7:28 am
  • cal hughes

    Ms. Laws, I don’t know you but I admire you! Many thanks.

    May 31, 2012 at 7:29 am

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